Monday, December 15, 2008

on my own

move in day!

stressed, need paperwork but no ride to get it
what to do
what to do

but my apartment is gonna be sweet!
a roomate from france
and a roomate from chile
two of the coolest guys everrrr
everyone questions why im moving in with guys,
well theyre foreign and theyre not like the jerks america breeds
and juan never understands what im saying anyway
and its not like i don't know them
i do

you don't know how excited i am to finally grow up
its been tough, but everythings starting to work out
thank God for working out this tough road
hope everything just keeps going as smoothly as it is at the moment
*knock on wood*

1 comment:

alia said...

dfkfjwodk omg that's so awesome!!! btw, are they hot?? lol